A Femme D’Un Certain Age

#BlissfulForties | taught by Kiran Singh
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Kiran  Singh
Kiran Singh
Lifestyle Mindfulness & Transformational Coach

Turning 40 (‘Blissful Forties‘ as I define it), is a milestone and often a time of transition. Your children may be growing up (mine is officially a teenager) or you may be caring for your parents or considering a career change.

As you get older, there is a sense of ownership of your life and the choices you’ve made and I think with that, comes a lot more confidence and a sense of not being as vulnerable to what other people think. There’s power in that. ‘Blissful Forties’ is all about rediscovering your authentic self, your passions and purpose – simply enhancing your quality of life.

However, it all starts with one question; How much do you truly love yourself? Deeply, wholly, authentically, and beyond the superficial, ego-based definition?

The reason this question is fundamental (and perhaps the most important question you can ask) is without knowing the answer, you may live unconsciously from moment to moment. You just go through the motions without being able to awaken to the deeper significance of your choices. You fail to see and feel the energy you are broadcasting out to the world and what you are inviting into your life as a result. This is your life, it is your signature creation. It is your duty to live true to yourself, with integrity; and authentically communicate your message to the world.

This course helps you define your values and how to prioritise to create more time and energy - and simply live life fully.

Course Contents

12 Texts
2.0 hrs